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Joomla/WordPress CMS Development

We provide Solution for website design and development of Joomla/WordPress open source Content Management System (CMS), with Joomla/WordPress you can create highly innovative and interactive websites. We provide service for Joomla/WordPress installation and customization as per your requirement, integration of Joomla/WordPress premium, free or custom template, extra add-on /extension (module, plug-in, component) installation, configure and customization service.

Are you a small business or organization that requires more than one person to add content to the site? Again, Joomla/WordPress can help. It enables the site owner to set up users for them to post to the site. What’s more, certain privileges can be applied to these users so they only have access to posting content, and therefore not be able to mess around with the functional side of the site.

These are just a few of the most important reasons why Joomla/WordPress is the best website platform, but there are many more. It’s major advantages are the low learning curve, and speed of having a site up and running. If you are a person who needs a website, but has little time and money to set one up, then Joomla/WordPress is your friend. It’s a fantastic system used by millions of people across the globe.

Joomla/WordPress is very easy to back up, and there are many secure plugins to choose from to make it more secure than it already is.